Gallipoli Photo Album


Gallipoli Photo Album

 Proof of War. The Gallipoli Photo Album.

Proof of War. The Gallipoli Photo Album.

Researched by Sherril Jennings
Narrated by Gwen Freeman

Produced by Ryan L. Jennings

Proof of War

Joseph Bell McBride photographed the Gallipoli campaign. This book reproduces his original photo album featuring 172 photographs of New Zealanders at war.

This is what the Gallipoli campaign looked like through the eyes of one young man.

These are the people.

This is the landscape.

This is the war.

These are the soldiers.

We will remember them.


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About The Proof of War Book

The photos tell their own story without need for explanation so little else is added except Joseph’s military records and his family after returning from Gallipoli. Joseph’s daughter Gwen Freeman, who is now in her 90’s kindly narrated the book. 

It has been an absolute honour reproducing this priceless record moment of history for all New Zealanders to access. It wouldn’t have been possible without Sherril Jennings who is the guardian of the original Gallipoli photo album, and her Mum Phyllis Dorreen who held the memories dear before her. 

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The Gallipoli Photo Album

The following photographs have been reproduced exactly in the same order as Joseph McBride set them out in the album over 100 years ago. It is the photographic journey of one soldier to places abroad, and what he recorded as events unfolded, that he believed would hold significance to New Zealanders.

It also shows what a young man believe worthy of capturing on film during his four years abroad at war. In amongst photos of troops gather at the Great Sphinx of Giza and preparing for war, you’ll find photos of curiosity including a giraffe, ostriches, a hippo, Turkish women wearing burkhas and children playing amongst solders.

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Availability of the Proof of War book

The book is being released in the 100th year since the end of World War I.

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